Race Rules


Official Rules of the Pancake Race

  1. Gentlemanly and gentlewomanly behaviour will be strictly observed at all times. Administrators will especially be expected to be on their best behaviour and to act as an example to all participants.
  2. Frying pans must not be used as weapons or as a means of making unseemly gestures, whatever the depth of provocation or the nature of the person at the root of the provocation.
  3. Any surplus eggs, flour or butter remaining from the earlier making of pancakes must not be propelled in the direction of other participants or spectators.
  4. The course is over 25 metres and, in that distance, pancakes must be tossed once to a minimum height of 30cm.
  5. Participants must come to a complete stop at the halfway mark before tossing the pancakes in the air.
  6. If a participant allows a pancake to fall, he or she must return to the starting line and begin again.
  7. Members from each team will run in relay and the pancake, frying pan and apron must be exchanged intact before the next member of the team can proceed.
  8. The organizers reserve the right to send off violent or unruly participants.