Hall of Fame


The trophy is cool…
but the real prize is bragging rights for a whole year.

2017 Results

Champions: Flipping Fabulous – Applied Science

Second: Thundercakes – Athletics and Recreation

Third: The Flipped Classroom – Infrastructure Development

2016 Results

Champions: Batter Late Than Never – Alumni UBC

Second: Xtrategic Pancakes – Strategy and Decision Support

Third: Pannekoeken in de huis! – Applied Science Dean’s Office

Best Team Costume: SHHS Zingers – Student Housing and Hospitality

2015 Results

Champions: Pannekoek! at the Disco – Applied Science, Dean’s Office

Second: Flippin’ Hot – Development and Alumni Engagement

Third: Batter Based Admissions – Undergraduate Admissions

Best Team Costume: Crepe’d Crusaders – Faculty of Land and Food Systems

2014 Results

Champions: Robin van Pannekoeken – Applied Science, Dean’s Office

2013 Results

Champions: The Flyin’ Pannekoeken – Applied Science, Dean’s Office

Second: The Cecil Flipping Pancake Rangers – UBC Alumni

Third: Sigma Phlip Delta – Sigma Phi Delta

Best Team Costume: M.I.B – Financial Services Payment & Procurement Services

Highest Flip: Avneet Johal of No Bluff Fluff – International Student Initiative

2012 Results

Champions: Flippin’ the Pannekoek – Applied Science, Dean’s Office

Second: Team Pan-QAkes – Project Management Office, UBC IT

Third: The United Pancakes – Alumni Affairs

Best Team Costume: Sushi Breakfast for the People – Human Resources

2011 Results

Champions: Space Cases – Classroom Services

Second: The Flip Flops – UBC Bookstore

Third: Batter Babes – Engineers without Borders

Best Team Costume: Leonard Nemoy – Continuing Studies

2010 Results

Champions: Centre of the Universe – UBC Treasury

Second: Brains, Beauty, Belligerence & Batman – UBC Bookstore

Third: Aunt Jemima’s Orphans – Facilities Management, Building Operations.

Best Team Costume: The Beer Battered Pancakes – Agricultural Undergrad Society

(Sadly, the results from our first race were lost in the Great Batter Flood of ’09.)