Pancake Race FAQ

  1. Is there a recommended fitness level for this?
    No, this race is open to everyone and is meant to be friendly competition. Don’t mind the team flexing and stretching in the corner over there…they’re just trying to intimidate you!
  2. Will we be required to make our own pancakes?
    No, we will provide the pancakes for you. No culinary skills required for this race.
  3. Do we eat the pancakes afterwards?
    No, no! Unless you want to (we won’t judge)…after they’ve been dropped on the floor and handled by your fellow racers.
  4. Do I need to bring anything?
    No, frying pans, pancakes, and aprons will be provided.
  5. I am allergic to gluten – will this be a problem?
    Please contact the race organizer. For your information, there will not be any flour on site, and the pancakes will be fully cooked.
  6. Are non-racers allowed to come?
    Of course!!! Bring your cheering squad, please. The more, the merrier.
  7. Do I have to wear a costume?
    No, but if you do, your team has an opportunity to win a prize for best costume!
  8. Can students participate?
    Yes, absolutely!
  9. Why are you doing this?
    We want to raise awareness for the UBC United Way campaign while having fun! For more information about our campaign, please visit:

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