2016 Campaign Hero – Reginald Sacdalan

What is a Campaign Hero?

Each year our UBC Community United Way Committee reviews the past year. We take a look at all the events that take place and the volunteerism involved. From this, we select UBC employees or students that stand out. We call them Campaign Heroes.

A Campaign Hero is someone that is recognized for their contributions and achievements. The Campaign Hero goes above and beyond the call of duty.

An Interview with Reginald Sacdalan

Regie Sacdalan, third from left

Reginald Sacdalan is the Manager of Web & Digital Communications for the Faculty of Applied Science. Regie is a soft spoken super star! He is the communication guru for the Turkey 2K Trot and is part of the planning committee that implements the event each year. This year the Turkey 2K Trot raised over $6,500. He is also crucial in the success behind the Great Pancake Race. Regie showcases his brilliance, leadership and creativity in everything he does.

How long have you been involved in the UBC Community United Way campaign?

As a volunteer, I have been involved since 2013 when I joined the Applied Science United Way Steering Committee. That year, we organized the first annual Turkey 2K Trot.

As an event participant, I first participated in the Great Pancake Race in 2010.

Why do you volunteer for this cause?

I volunteer since I enjoy organizing events where people can have fun while contributing to a good cause. I also enjoy working with colleagues outside of our everyday roles in order to make difference in the community.

Over the last few years, I have become more involved with the campaign thanks to exceptional people such as Aylin, Winnie and Patty and the United Way campaign associates. They do an awesome job so I try to show my support for them by participating in multiple United Way events.

What is your fondest memory from your involvement with the campaign?

My fondest memories are of the Great Pancake Race. I enjoy the fun yet competitive aspect of the event and it turns out to be an excellent team building activity.

The atmosphere for this year’s event was the liveliest so far and it was great to see Professor Ono attend and participate in the pancake race demo. I also helped organize this year’s event and it was quite rewarding to see it be such a success.

Attending my first pancake race made me aware of the UBC Community United Way campaign. The Great Pancake Race is my favourite event of the campaign.

What are your goals for next year’s Turkey 2K Trot? What would you like to see happen?

My goal for the next Turkey 2K Trot is to get more participation from the UBC community outside of Applied Science. I would like to commend Pharmaceutical Sciences for their fundraising effort this year. I would love to see Professor Ono attend the next event!

Helping kids thrive

When you give directly to United Way of the Lower Mainland, you help give kids the boost they need to succeed in life. Whether it’s making sure they are ready to succeed by the time they reach school, that they are fed so that they can focus on their studies instead of their grumbling tummies, or that they learn life skills and benefit from positive mentors, we help kids reach their full potential.

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