UBC Community United Way Campaign

The UBC Community United Way Campaign raised enough money to support 37 000 people in the Lower Mainland. We did this through donations from our employees, Association of Professor Emeriti, friends of UBC and special events.

$417 116 – employee donations, $54 085 – Association of Professor Emeriti and $45 773 – special events. That’s a total of $516 974. What an incredible achievement and a remarkable campaign. Thank you.

 2016 Campaign Highlights

Possibility Week

Possibility week is another week of events that took place mid-campaign,  November 14 – 20, 2016.


UBC Robson Square Wine Tasting

UBC Robson Square held their 4th annual wine tasting event. This year they featured wines from the Naramata Bench and an array of cheeses from the Lazy Gourmet. The event raised $1985, surpassing last year’s total by almost $500. Incredible!


Culture Fest at MOA

Culture Fest took place at MOA and raised $1042 for our campaign. Delectable samosas, cookies and chai were provided, along with gorgeous henna tattoos. There were acts by Mirchi, UBC South Asian Students, UBC Kung Fu Club and UBC Bhangra Club. It truly was an enjoyable time had by all.


Lunch with @ubcprez – Winners Announced!

Anyone that pledged by payroll to the UBC Community United Way campaign was entered into a contest – win lunch with @ubcprez at Sage. Three employees were chosen and lunch will be held sometime in 2017, sponsored by our friends at Sage.

Here are the winners:

Aideen Clery, Continuing Studies

Jackie Howard, Sauder School of Business

Ruth Hobbs, Enrolment Services

Thank you everyone for contributing to this year’s campaign! We are still accepting donations should you still wish to pledge by payroll.


VPS/Brock Hall Indian Lunch

VPS/Brock Hall did it again! They held the amazing Indian lunch. 230 plates  of butter chicken, chickpeas and samosas were served. The event raised $2,300 – incredible! They also held a 50/50 draw and raised over $1800. Hala Nugent from Enrolment Services took away $900, the other half went towards our campaign.


VP Research and International 50/50 and Bake Sale

Fred Woo and colleagues baked up a storm and had a record-breaking bake sale that raised $1,005.35.

Other items that were sold at this event were UBC 100 banners, t-shirts and centennial rocks. There are still items leftover for sale, please contact our office if interested in purchasing some of this memorabilia.

Their 50/50 raised $235. The winner was Kyle Glenn and he was awarded $117.50, the remaining $117.50 will go towards the campaign.

In total, Fred and his team raised $1,122.85.


Master Meals

Our Student Committee ran this event with both staff and students, competing to see who would be awarded the Master Meal Chef! With a scarce budget and limited time, contestants fought against the clock to prepare something that was presentable, sizeable, and tasty! Ingredients were items that you would find at a local food bank or on a budget. Our Master Meal winners are:

1st (Master Meal Chef) – Christina Girardi – UBC Ceremonies and Events

2nd – Lan Nguyen – President of UBC Cooking Club

3rd – Colin Hearne – UBC Human Resources


UBC Library/United Way Spelling Bee

UBC Library held their annual Spelling bee and it was a noon hour filled with fierce competition, laughter and all around fun. As team scores were tallied up, guests learned more about the United Way first hand by an impactful speak by one of the many refugees that now call Canada their home.
The competition ended in a tie – Ph.D students from the English dept vs their very own English dept. The teams had to spell three more words. Both teams were only successful spelling one word. Leaving this year’s spelling bee with two winners. Congrats to the all that participated in this years Spelling Bee!


Meet Seymour

The first event to kick-off Possibility week was Meet Seymour the Sea Otter. Seymour toured around campus and his whereabouts could be found on our twitter feed.

Seymour is from Coastal BC, the North Pacific Ocean. He is friendly and outgoing. He loves healthy, caring and inclusive communities, hugs and holding hands. His favorite foods are seaweed snacks, clams and mussels, calamari and gummy worms.


PharmSci Kickboxing

Pharmaceutical Science held their second annual kickboxing class. Their participation increased from last year and they were successful in raising over $300 for our campaign.

United Way FindOps Bake Sale

On Tuesday, November 15th the United Way FindOps Bake Sale fundraiser took place in the lobby of TEF3. The team worked their magic, encouraging the UBC community to purchase some treats or simply donate to the cause, raising close to $800!

A Week of Caring

A Week of Caring was the kickoff week for our campaign. It took place on October 11-14, 2016.

The Great Pancake Race VIII

16 teams competed in a lunch hour filled with friendly competition, pancake flipping and loads of energy. We even had Professor Santa J Ono demonstrate his pancake racing skills!

The Great Pancake Race VIII

The 2016 Great Pancake Race Winners:

Best Costume: – SHHS Zingers – Student Housing and Hospitality

Third Place: Pannekoeken in de huis! Applied Science, Dean’s Office Second Place: Xtrategic Pancakes – Strategy and Decision Support First Place: Batter Late Than Never – Alumni UBC


The Turkey 2K Trot

Applied Science’s Turkey 2K Trot returned for another year. Featured in this signature event was the Godiva band, Seymour the Otter, 46 volunteers, UBC Applied Science’s student BBQ and the dean Marc Parlange. There were 135 participants that walked/ran the 2K, of that 37 athletes managed to beat the dean! The event raised over $6 500, with the dean matching $2 554 pledges. $1085 of these matched pledges came from our friends of PharmSci.  Winners of this year’s Turkey 2K Trot were Geoff Martinson (PharmSci) and Nesa Coll (Medicine).


The Arts Food Truck Festival

The 2nd Annual Arts Food Truck Festival managed to defeat all odds, taking place in the middle of the big storm! Luckily the festival was dry with rain clouds settling in before and after the event took place. Entertainment acts included UBC Music Initiative, UBC A Cappella and UBC MTT. We even had the pleasure of listening to one of Arts event organizers and UBC UW Steering Committee member Jennifer Suratos take the stage. A voice of an angel. Thank you UBC Arts and Culture for putting on a stellar line-up of entertainment. 645 meals were sold from both the Loafe and UBC Food Service’s food trucks, $1 per each meal will be donated to our campaign. Thank you Loafe and UBC Food Services!


Your Donor Dollars at Work

During the Arts Food Truck Festival, the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre hosted the United Way in their Welcome Centre. Their interactive wall was transformed into your donor dollars at work. The wall contained an interactive map that allowed the end user to zone into any area in the lower mainland and see what programs and services the United Way is currently funding. An extremely helpful tool that donors can use to visualize where they are making a difference in their local communities.


DAE’s Stretch for a Cause

Our final event during A Week of Caring was DAE’s Stretch for a Cause. The perfect way to end the work week. There was not only great energy, an amazing instructor and lots of prizes, but the event raised $100! Also, Seymour was finally able to stretch after all the pancake flipping, running and dancing he did throughout the week.  On behalf of the entire UBC Community United Way team we wish to thank you again for an unforgettable week and great start to our campaign