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2017 UBC Community United Way Campaign Hero ….

an Interview with Sarah Wang


How long have you been involved with the UBC Community United Way Campaign?

Not that long, since August this year.

Why do you volunteer for this cause?

I am the Social Charity Director. I took this position because I feel like our generation is so privileged, and the business world is so profit oriented. I thought it would be meaningful to host events that both give back to our community and are fun. My vision wasn’t to have people donate a ton, but to show that if people do small things, it can go a long way.

Last year the Accounting club hosted an event on behalf of United Way, but really only handed the money over, and very little interaction with the United Way. This year I wanted a better relationship, and to be able to say we worked together.

What is your fondest memory from your involvement with the campaign?

Our Casino Royale event this year. The Accounting Club held the same event last year, and I didn’t feel connected to United Way, it was simply a charity I was giving money to. This year we hosted speakers from United Way, and the Impact Speaker, Amanda Waite, was very meaningful. She was an example of how our small actions can make a difference in the community.

What is your goal for next year? What would you like to see happen?

My goal is to continue this partnership between the UBC Accounting Club and United Way, and to not go backwards. I would like to see more engagement within the club, specifically the executives. On top of greater commitment from the UBC Accounting Club, further involvement throughout next year’s campaign would help get more students out to these events, and to hear these impact speakers.

In this day and age, non-profit solicitation generally feels like a scam, we don’t really get to see how our donation is making a difference in the community. Working with United Way, you’re given real life examples of where your money is going. I would like to see more students aware of this organization.

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