UBC Community United Way Campaign

Campaign Status


Our goal this year is to help 40 000 people in the lower mainland. We are almost halfway there!

Upcoming Events

Possibility Week

Join us for another week of fun filled events! It is our UBC Community United Way Mid-Campaign week - "Possibility Week". Check back soon for more event details.

UBC Library/United Way Spelling Bee

Join us for the United Way and UBC Library Spelling Bee on Wednesday, November 16. UBC faculty, staff, and students are invited to create a team of 4-10 people and compete for glory in this annual cross-campus event to raise awareness for the United Way.

2016 VP Research & International Office Bake Sale & Draw

VP Research & International Office is one of the units participating in the campus wide bake sale this year!

SHHS Indian Lunch

The SHHS Indian Lunch has returned for another year. You don't want to miss out on this delicious lunchtime favorite. Your choice of dish is either butter chicken with rice or chickpeas with potatoes. Both items include a samosa and a drink. All for $10. You can also pick up a preordered lunch at 11am. Please contact united.way@ubc.ca to purchase tickets or preorder today!







Campaign Highlights

A Week of Caring

A Week of Caring was the kickoff week for our campaign. It took place on October 11-14, 2016. Events included the Great Pancake Race VIII, the Turkey 2K Trot, Sauder’s Silent Auction, the Arts Food Truck Festival, Your Donor Dollars at Work and  DAE’s Stretch for a Cause.


The Great Pancake Race VIII

16 teams competed in a lunch hour filled with friendly competition, pancake flipping and loads of energy. We even had Professor Santa J Ono demonstrate his pancake racing skills!

The Great Pancake Race VIII

The 2016 Great Pancake Race Winners:

Best Costume: – SHHS Zingers – Student Housing and Hospitality

Third Place: Pannekoeken in de huis! Applied Science, Dean’s Office Second Place: Xtrategic Pancakes – Strategy and Decision Support First Place: Batter Late Than Never – Alumni UBC


The Turkey 2K Trot

Applied Science’s Turkey 2K Trot returned for another year. Featured in this signature event was the Godiva band, Seymour the Otter, 46 volunteers, UBC Applied Science’s student BBQ and the dean Marc Parlange. There were 135 participants that walked/ran the 2K, of that 37 athletes managed to beat the dean! The event raised over $6 500, with the dean matching $2 554 pledges. $1085 of these matched pledges came from our friends of PharmSci.  Winners of this year’s Turkey 2K Trot were Geoff Martinson (PharmSci) and Nesa Coll (Medicine).


The Arts Food Truck Festival

The 2nd Annual Arts Food Truck Festival managed to defeat all odds, taking place in the middle of the big storm! Luckily the festival was dry with rain clouds settling in before and after the event took place. Entertainment acts included UBC Music Initiative, UBC A Cappella and UBC MTT. We even had the pleasure of listening to one of Arts event organizers and UBC UW Steering Committee member Jennifer Suratos take the stage. A voice of an angel. Thank you UBC Arts and Culture for putting on a stellar line-up of entertainment. 645 meals were sold from both the Loafe and UBC Food Service’s food trucks, $1 per each meal will be donated to our campaign. Thank you Loafe and UBC Food Services!


Your Donor Dollars at Work

During the Arts Food Truck Festival, the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre hosted the United Way in their Welcome Centre. Their interactive wall was transformed into your donor dollars at work. The wall contained an interactive map that allowed the end user to zone into any area in the lower mainland and see what programs and services the United Way is currently funding. An extremely helpful tool that donors can use to visualize where they are making a difference in their local communities.


DAE’s Stretch for a Cause

Our final event during A Week of Caring was DAE’s Stretch for a Cause. The perfect way to end the work week. There was not only great energy, an amazing instructor and lots of prizes, but the event raised $100! Also, Seymour was finally able to stretch after all the pancake flipping, running and dancing he did throughout the week.  On behalf of the entire UBC Community United Way team we wish to thank you again for an unforgettable week and great start to our campaign